Webber: I couldn't do any more

Sunday 27-October-2013 11:29

Despite wearing a rueful smile, Mark Webber was disappointed after retiring while running second in India.

Opting to start on the medium tyres, Webber was able to run longer than those who lined up ahead of him.

Working his way into the lead, Webber held onto the P1 slot for 20 laps before he had to pit for he soft tyres.

It was a brief run on those tyres before he was back in the pits for his final stop and a new set of medium tyres.

Chasing his team-mate Sebastian Vettel in a Red Bull-only battle, Webber was forced to retire - giving up a sure bet with Paddy Power to take second place - on lap 40 when his alternator failed.

"Disappointing, but there's not much I can do - there was something wrong with the car, so we had to stop straight away," he said.

"I felt some problems with the gearbox and I told the guys but they thought it would clear but it seemed to come back almost immediately."

He added: "In the end I still have a smile on my face as I couldn't do any more today."

As for his race, the soon-to-be retired Aussie spoke to the BBC about his strategy compared to Vettel, who was came through to win his fourth Drivers' Championship title.

"Seb had a very clean first lap so he got a nice buffer at the start.

"We knew we would be close on strategy and we were still looking for a strong result, but the car didn't come home."

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