Red Bull motivation won't wane

Thursday 14-November-2013 12:30

Christian Horner has hailed Red Bull's "huge amount of desire and passion" in the wake of a fourth successive Championship double.

Red Bull may not have the heritage that the likes of Ferrari and McLaren have, however, in recent years they have had the success that their rivals desire.

This season saw Sebastian Vettel clinch his fourth consecutive Drivers' Championship title while Red Bull were hardly opposed on their way to the teams' trophy.

It has been an impressive run for any team and one Horner says is rooted in "desire and passion."

"The opposition we go up against, they don't give you any opportunity to relax or back off," the Red Bull team boss told Press Association.

"If you think of Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, they are all great teams with a lot of talented people.

"So in this sport there is no room for complacency, you don't get to sit on your laurels, you have to always move forwards.

"Even now everybody is already talking about next year (with regard to the major regulation changes).

"Right now, it's important for the team to enjoy the moment and take in what has been achieved.

"The factory is a fairly modest facility compared to some of our rivals, but what exists within the buildings is a huge amount of desire and passion.

"It is that that has enabled us to achieve the kind of results we have had over the years."

The Brit also ruled out the possibility of Red Bull slowing down, confident that his team's success has not dampened their motivation.

"I don't see a problem with that because you've only got to walk around the factory to see the determination, desire and enjoyment the people have working in this team.

"We've come a long way in a pretty short space of time, and there is tremendous pride in everything we've collectively achieved as a team.

"It never gets easier, it only gets harder. Whilst we face new challenges next year, of course the motivation and desire is already there to keep those trophies in the caninet as long as we possibly can."

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