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Friday 22-November-2013 17:46

Nico Rosberg set the pace in Friday's wet practices at Interlagos, finishing ahead of the Red Bulls and Heikki Kovalainen...

Nico Rosberg: "Today I had a good start into the weekend, and I was very quick in the rain even though we don't really know about the fuel levels of the other teams. Therefore we need to read the time sheets with some caution. But generally I have higher hopes now that perhaps we can give Red Bull a hard time this weekend. We all know that the weather plays always a big role here at Interlagos and can catch you out. We were not able to run that much but the track feels really great and it was great fun to be out there and find the limit in these difficult conditions."

Lewis Hamilton: "The conditions were tricky out there today and it's a real shame for the fans that they didn't get to see more action on track. Of course, it's frustrating for us drivers to be sitting in the garage for so long but I really feel for everyone who has made the effort to come here to the track. We were able to get some running during the two sessions and that will be useful as the conditions for the rest of the weekend look pretty much the same. I'm struggling a little to get the feel of the car in the wet, and that's really been the same for me with our car all season, so we have some work to do overnight to see where we can make improvements. I'd really prefer a dry weekend but that's out of our hands."

Red Bull:
Sebastian Vettel: "We knew it would be wet today and might be tricky. The main loss from the rain was that we didn't run on the 2014 tyres. Not many people went out this afternoon in order to save tyres for the weekend - it's a bit of a shame for those in the grandstands, but unfortunately it's like this. Come Saturday and Sunday, we may need to have the tyres available. It was good to get a bit of a base line in these conditions; we need to be sharp for the next two days and make the right calls."

Mark Webber: "We were working on understanding the tyres in both conditions today, we had the full wet and intermediate tyres on the car and we did quite a few laps considering most people only used one set of intermediate tyres. It was a productive day in preparation for tomorrow, as we expect some more wet conditions. We have to understand the inters on both long and short runs and also try to save tyres, so it was a testing day for the teams, but overall we got what we could out of the day."

Lotus F1:
Heikki Kovalainen: "Obviously, it was challenging conditions but it was good for me to get the experience in the wet weather. There were no big surprises and the car was behaving quite well. It was a little bit trickier than driving in the dry, but we expected this. That said, I think the team have made good progress in this area as it wasn't too difficult to drive. There are still a couple of areas where we can improve on, and whether we have valid information for tomorrow's weather we don't know yet."

Romain Grosjean: "It wasn't perfect weather and we still have some progress to make on the wet set-up for conditions like we had today. In the morning it was a struggle for grip with too much understeer, but we made progress in this area for the afternoon and have a few ideas about how we can improve further for tomorrow. It's certainly a challenge with the spray and standing water, but despite this it's still awesome to be driving around Interlagos."

Toro Rosso:
Jean-Eric Vergne: "Usually, I am comfortable in the rain, but this morning the car didn't feel right and so in a way I was pleased to learn the team found that something was not quite right and it was fixed in time for this afternoon, when it all felt much better. Given my lap time on quite worn Intermediates, I think we are looking in reasonable shape. I waited a while before going out, because with the limited number of extreme wet tyres, you have to think of saving them for the rest of the weekend. So it was a usual Friday in most respects, except that we didn't do so many laps, which is a shame on what is a lovely track to drive. We still need some work to do to improve the car further, but we have a good baseline to start from."

Daniel Ricciardo: "I don't think only having the one session today affected me very much, even if we ran less than the 90 minutes because of the weather. I got a couple of runs, one on the extreme, the other on the inter. It was still productive even with the limited time. As always, we have some work to do, but I don't think we look too bad in these conditions. We need to improve grip in the rear to stabilise the car in for the wet. If we get on top of that tonight, we can have a good car for the rain and I am confident that if it stays like this, we can get two cars into Q3 tomorrow."

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