'RB10 a cousin of the RB9'

Monday 02-December-2013 11:31

Although new rules will be implemented next season, Christian Horner says Red Bull's latest car will share traits with its 2013 Championship-winning RB9.

Next season Formula One will undergo a major overhaul of the regulations as this year's V8 is dropped in favour of 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines with ERS.

Added to that there are also some changes on the aerodynamic side including lower noses and doing away with exhaust blown diffusers.

But despite the changes, Horner says next year's RB10 will share some of this year's car's characteristics.

"I think Adrian [Newey] would describe it as RB10 being a cousin of RB9," he told ESPNF1.

"There are elements that are going to carry over and the DNA of RB10 will come out of RB9.

"Of course, it's a much different engine and exhaust solution, but aerodynamics are still going to play an important role next year."

And so too is engine cooling.

The Red Bull team boss admits he has a few concerns about the reliability of next year's V6s with Red Bull once again sticking with Renault power.

"The engines are the big unknown next year," he said.

"All the manufacturers are probably struggling with reliability because the units have got to go so much further than the V8s, plus the complicated electronics on the car and a big turbo - it's a completely different form of racing.

"I think they've come up with the most complicated type of engine you could have dreamt up and it's certainly bloody expensive."

The Brit added that there is a "50/50" of reaching the chequered flag at next year's season-opening Australian GP.

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