Seb explains reason behind No 5

Wednesday 15-January-2014 07:44

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel has revealed why he chose number five as his car number for the rest of his career.

As the defending World Champion, the German will have the number one on his chassis this year, but should he be deposed then he will use the number five.

No, it's not a tribute to Michael Schumacher - remember they had to submit their requests before the seven-time F1 winner's skiing accident - and it also has nothing to do with him gunning for a fifth title this year.

"I have chosen number five because I was so successful [using it] in karts in 2001 as well as in 2010 when I became World Champion for the first time," he told Germany's Sport Bild.

"Also, several other drivers have won the title while they used number five, for example, Michael Schumacher (in 1994) and Nigel Mansell (in 1992)."

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