Ricciardo already learning from Vettel

Wednesday 12-February-2014 10:12

New Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo admitted that forming a partnership with Sebastian Vettel at the reigning Constructors' Champions has already improved his skills behind the wheel.

Between Ricciardo and Vettel, Red Bull managed only 21 laps at the season's first pre-season test in Jerez last month, but the Australian is hopeful that the Milton Keynes outfit will show a marked improvement at next week's test in Bahrain.

"We're confident we'll run a bit smoother," 24-year-old Ricciardo told AAP on Wednesday.

"But it's so complex this year, until we get laps under our belt we can't really be sure of anything.

"I saw the car yesterday and they've made quite a bit of progress, so hopefully we'll get a few more laps and kickstart our season.

"Just by being around him (Vettel) at the track and at engineer briefings, even just hearing the way he communicates to team.

"I'll pick things up naturally from him and learn the ins and outs of how he works.

"Obviously he's not going to tell me how to drive around a corner - we're all capable of that now. But being behind the scenes with him is already good for me."

Earlier this week, Ricciardo's predecessor Mark Webber predicted that his countryman will give Vettel a "real hard time" in qualifying this season, the 24-year-old wasn't prepared to make any predictions about his potential results this year.

"I haven't fixed a number, saying 50:50 or beat him X amount of times," Ricciardo continued.

"I really feel if I can challenge him for a start, that's already a good place to be.

"Obviously we know the calibre of driver he is; so the first thing I've got to learn from him, respect what he does and then try to match him.

"I won't say I'll come out and beat him - because until I do that, I don't want to say anything. But of course I'd love to."

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