Ricciardo: Finishing is the first goal

Thursday 13-March-2014 04:28

Daniel Ricciardo admits Red Bull's first target in Australia is to reach the chequered flag.

The team, which Ricciardo joined in the off-season, had a dismal time during testing as the RB10 suffered from overheating issues while its Renault engine also had problems.

The team finished up second from last on the laps tally while Ricciardo just managed to break into the top ten on the overall timesheets.

As a result, the reigning World Champions head to Melbourne where reaching the finish line would be a good start.

"It would be positive just to finish," Ricciardo conceded to Sky Sports News.

"Obviously we don't want to finish 15th but I think we're going to learn a lot from finishing full stop, whether it's a podium or 15th.

"There's a lot to learn about the car and each lap we do we are learning so much more. So in that respect long term it's going to help us a lot to finish, so that is a big target for this weekend."

He added: "We haven't really proved to ourselves yet if we can do 60-odd consecutive laps. Until we do it we don't really know if we can."

As for performance, the Australian driver reckons Mercedes will have the edge at his home grand prix while Red Bull will be trying to close the gap.

"In general it's fair to say that the Mercedes team and Mercedes-powered cars were stronger than everyone else. They were racking up the most laps per day in general and they were normally towards the top of the timesheets.

"That was the reality and coming into the first race you would assume that would still be the case, even though obviously we're working really hard.

"I think we still probably need a little bit more time to get up to that level but hopefully they don't get too much quicker and we can close the gap quicker than they keep pushing it apart."

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