FIA backing sensor supplier

Wednesday 19-March-2014 05:11

Despite Red Bull's complaints about the fuel sensors, which ultimately resulted in Dan Ricciardo's DSQ in Australia, the FIA won't change supplier.

This season teams have been limited to just 100kgs of fuel with a fuel flow rate of 100kgs/per hour. This is measured by an FIA sensor, which motorsport's governing body gets from Gill Sensors in Hampshire.

At the opening grand prix in Australia, Red Bull reportedly encountered several discrepancies with the fuel sensor readings.

The team doubted the sensors and went with their own data during Sunday's grand prix which resulted in Ricciardo being disqualified as the FIA's sensors read that he had exceeded the fuel flow rate.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner blamed "immature technology" and stated that it was "impossible to rely 100 per cent on that sensor, which had proved to be problematic in almost every session that we've run in."

But despite the reigning World Champion's complaints, Gill Sensors insists they have the backing of the FIA.

"Following the Australian Grand Prix last weekend, the FIA have provided Gill Sensors with positive feedback on the performance of the fuel-flow meter, confirming their confidence in the development and stating the meters meet the FIA's accuracy specification," read a statement from the company.

"The meter development included an extensive testing programme, which involved liaising with many of the F1 teams for their valuable feedback on meter design and functionality.

"Meter calibration is handled by the FIA's third party calibration company.

"The meters utilise ultrasonic technology which was selected for its resilience in extreme operating conditions.

"The FIA chose Gill Sensors for this complex development because of Gill's 29 years of proven experience in ultrasonics."

Red Bull intend appealing Ricciardo's disqualification.

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