Porsche also raise sensor concerns

Saturday 22-March-2014 11:10

F1 is not the only series having issues with the FIA fuel flow meters with Porsche saying it is "not proven yet" to be accurate.

The opening race of the F1 season was marred by controversy as Daniel Ricciardo's RB10 was disqualified for exceeding the fuel flow rate.

Red Bull are appealing the decision, adamant that the sensor that the FIA supplied is inaccurate.

However, it is not just Formula One that is using the device as this year Porsche will run the meter in its 919 LMP1.

And the German manufacturer says it too has found problems.

"It hasn't held us back because we did not make our development dependent on it, but there is still no robust solution in place," Racecar Engineering reports Alex Hitzinger, motorsport director of engineering LMP1, as having said.

"The FIA is still very hopeful that the latest spec will work and will be reliable, but that is not proven yet.

"We optimise how they are mounted to give them the easiest possible life, but right now we don't know if it is all going to be robust. We should know at the end of March."

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