Vettel to meet with Todt in Bahrain

Friday 04-April-2014 15:01

Sebastian Vettel will reportedly meet with Jean Todt in Bahrain after the FIA president wrote to the German about his engine complaints.

Speaking ahead of the last grand prix in Malaysia, Vettel hit out at the new 1.6-litre turbocharged engines and their quieter noise.

The reigning World Champion didn't pull his punches and said it was "s**t".

But while some may agree with him, FIA president Todt responded by writing to the German.

According to Autosport, although Todt said he respects Vettel's right to an opinion, he was not happy with the languaged used.

The duo will meet this weekend in Bahrain to speak about it.

"It's fairly normal to have a meeting after a couple of races," said Vettel.

"Mr Todt is coming here, so it makes sense to use the opportunity to talk about many things."

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