Horner: Newey is absolutely committed

Thursday 17-April-2014 08:51

Christian Horner is confident that with Adrian Newey's experience behind their charge Red Bull will return to the front of the field.

This season has seen Red Bull and engine supplier Renault struggle for form while the Mercedes-powered teams, and especially the works outfit, have come to the fore.

Some have question whether Red Bull's slump is in anyway down to a disillusioned Newey, who has in the past expressed his unhappiness with the new regulations.

Horner, though, is adamant that Newey is as committed as ever before.

Asked whether Newey was as motivated as ever, he told Press Association: "Absolutely.

"Adrian is one of the most driven people, if not the most driven person, I've ever met.

"He's passionate about Formula One, a purist, and he speaks from the heart."

As for his own thoughts on the new-look F1, which yielded a thriller last time out in Bahrain, the Red Bull team boss believes improving the noise will go a long way towards making the detractors happy.

He said: "It was always going to take a few races to see how this formula unfolds.

"We had two extremes (of racing) in two weeks, and things will start to settle down.

"The thing about the race in Bahrain is the guys were able to push, and the tyres played a big role in having those strategic elements. The important thing is to learn from it.

"We can improve the noise, and that's the single most important thing that is missing, with moves afoot to address that issue.

"As for the rest of it, the cars are exciting to watch and the racing between the different teams and drivers was very strong."

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