Red Bull plead innocence in Fallows row

Monday 21-April-2014 13:11

Red Bull maintain that they aren't behind aero chief Dan Fallows' about turn, as the dispute between McLaren and the Milton Keynes outfit heads to the High Court.

McLaren are reportedly planning legal action against Red Bull for encouraging Fallows to break a binding contract with them, although Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner refuses to acknowledge that the reigning Constructors' Champions did anything wrong.

"The situation with Dan is very clear," Horner told Autosport.

"Dan decided that he was going to leave Red Bull for reasons of his own.

"With the changes that have happened at McLaren [such as Martin Whitmarsh being moved aside], he decided that he didn't want to join.

"It was 100 percent his decision to approach us and see if there was a situation still open.

"It was his choice and I think that getting lawyers involved, if that is the way that McLaren want to act, then that is what will have to be done."

Horner also dismissed the merits of McLaren's legal claim, adding that the Woking outfit would be better off if they were focused on improving their car rather than waste time and money on legal fees.

"It is very easy for McLaren to be drawing focus away from their bigger issues," Horner added.

"It is obvious why they are looking for aerodynamicists. I would have thought their focus should be a little bit closer to home.

"I don't know how it can question the integrity of the team.

"It is the choice of the individual. Nobody can be forced to do a job.

"Slavery was abolished years ago and I don't think anybody can be forced to do a job against their will.

"Situations change - as Ron well knows. Probably more so than others, with the vast amount of experience that he has."

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