Di Resta: Tyre drama spicing things up

Tuesday 21-May-2013 10:31

Some Formula One fans and teams may find the high tyre wear a bit too much, but Paul di Resta feels it is adding to the excitement.

Drivers averaged four pit stops during the Spanish GP last time out, leading to a lot of criticism of the high tyre degredation levels with some saying it's causing too much confusion for spectators and drivers.

Pirelli responded by announcing they would tweak their compounds ahead of the Canadian GP, but the FIA immediately put a stop to their plans as it would amount to a change of specification.

Despite the criticism of the rubber, Force India driver di Resta believes it's adding to the drama.

"It might be boring at the front, but it's not boring when the whole distance you're challenging for another position," the Scot told Autosport.

"Even up to 11 laps from the end of the last grand prix, we were fighting for track position because we knew we were on a four-stop and had to get ahead of some cars on a three-stop. It's a big thing.

"It's nice that things change during a race and tyre wear gets better.

"Some grands prix you're scared on Friday that you're going to do loads of stops, but by Sunday the engineers have fixed things."

Force India and several other teams have often opted to sit out Q3 to save tyres for race day, Di Resta feels it's much more important to think about the race strategy for the Sunday.

"We look forward to race performance because we know our car won't challenge for the front two rows in qualifying," he said.

"You're on the back foot already, so you have to stop thinking about that and start thinking about the race and challenging at the end when they're in trouble.

"That's what keeps the racing exciting and challenging. Even when it comes to the point that you might save a set of tyres for that, you don't know where you're going to be.

"The other thing - and I'm not getting carried away - is that all the races, for us, have been like last year.

"We know Barcelona is the toughest race on tyres, so I don't expect Monaco to be too different to last year."

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