Di Resta: Weekend to forget

Monday 09-September-2013 12:00

Paul di Resta has billed Sunday's retirement from the Italian GP as "one of those things" but admits "gutted" at another race out of the points.

The Force India driver has not scored a single World Championship point since June's British GP and his dismal run continued at Monza.

Fighting for every inch of track space at the start, the Scottish driver locked up and went into the back of Lotus' Romain Grosjean.

The impact broke di Resta's left-front wheel and sent him into an early retirement for which he was later reprimanded by stewards who felt he was responsible.

"It was one of those things," lamented the Scot.

"I lost sight of the corner because of the cars in front which bunched up more than I expected.

"I tried to take avoiding action, to place my car in the middle, but I couldn't really go anywhere and I hit Grosjean's car fairly hard."

He added: "I'm pretty gutted.

"It was a hard day on Saturday with the brake failure, ending up in the tyres before qualifying because of that, and then that happened in race.

"It has been one of those weekends to forget."

As for his reprimand, di Resta believes it was a fair response given that he had not damaged Grosjean's car when he hit it.

Pressed about whether he was 'fortunate' not be handed a more severe penalty, he said: "In a sense, but I didn't damage Romain's car. He came into the meeting and said I never damaged it.

"It's the first time I've ever done something like that. I obviously didn't mean to do it, I wasn't trying to overtake anyone.

"It was just the concertina effect I was unaware of. I couldn't see what was happening two, three cars in front when they overtaking each other.

"Adrian and Grosjean were in front of me and they had full sight of it and were able to back out, but when I tried to stop it just wasn't happening."

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