'Red Bull appeal could damage F1'

Friday 11-April-2014 12:32

Force India deputy Principal Bob Fernley believes it would be a travesty if Red Bull successfully appeal Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix.

Red Bull's appeal hearing took place on Monday in Paris, with the Milton Keynes team claiming that the correct procedure to follow - in a situation where the fuel flow sensors show incorrect readings - comes from the FIA technical directive which has no regulatory value and thus isn't enforceable.

During an exclusive interview with, however, Fernley claims that all the teams have treated the technical directive as obligatory and that the sport would be damaged if Red Bull are successful with their claim.

"It's difficult to tell really because you never know with a tribunal which way it's going to go," Fernley told

"I think it wouldn't be healthy if the appeal was upheld - for the sport - because then I think you have a situation of anarchy that grows. We've lived for so long working to technical directives and if a technical directive is deemed not to be something that you have to adhere to then I don't know where Formula One goes."

Fernley also argued that the argument they used during the tyre test tribunal was different and maintained that the two incidents aren't the same.

"I think that was a different issue. This was a direct contravention of a directive. The tyre test was a lot of grey areas, whereas this is a direct, head-on rebuttal of a directive really and they're deeming it not legal," he continued.

"For all the years that I've known a technical directive the teams have all complied to, and in fact the same thing happened of course in Australia because ten teams complied to it and one didn't. So I think it would be bad for the sport if the appeal was upheld."

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