'We'll succeed with or without Paddy'

Wednesday 27-February-2013 08:35

Jenson Button has dismissed fears that McLaren will be left behind in the title race due to Paddy Lowe's impending departure to Mercedes.

Although Mercedes are yet to confirm the signing of Lowe, reports suggest it is a done deal with McLaren announcing on Monday that Tim Goss will take over as technical director with Lowe "performing a different role" within the team until the end of the year.

Button admitted after Lewis Hamilton's move to Mercedes that "I'd be disappointed if Paddy Lowe moved from the team because that's the guy who's going to help me achieve in the future", but he is now changing his tune.

The 2009 World Champion admits he will miss "good guy" Lowe, but is confident the Woking squad have strength in depth to overcome his loss.

"I really like Paddy," said Button at the McLaren Technology Centre.

"It's been good fun working with him over the past three years, not just in a working relationship but also as a friend because he is a good guy, a fun character.

"But things change, he wants to try something new, a new challenge, which is fair play to him. He has to think about number one, so good luck to him.

"For us, will it make a massive difference? For me, having Tim in the position he is now in - fantastic. He was exceptional in his previous role and I think he will be in this role.

"He is the guy who designed the 2012 car that won seven races last year, so he knows exactly what he is doing.

"When I came to this team it wasn't about one individual. I didn't come here because Paddy was here, I didn't come here because Lewis (Hamilton) was here.

"I came here because this is McLaren, with its heritage and history - a word we always use, but it is the truth - and its strength in depth.

"It's not about one individual, it's about the full team, and Paddy leaving is part of the sport, people move around and go to different places.

"But this team will succeed with or without Paddy in the future."

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