Perez: I am desperate for a race win

Wednesday 13-March-2013 08:40

Sergio Perez admits he is dreaming of standing on the top step of the podium, but don't expect him to do 'crazy things' to achieve that.

There have been plenty of highs for the Mexican since he joined Formula One in 2011 as he claimed three podium positions with Sauber last year which probably paved the way for his move to McLaren.

Now that he has secured a place at one of the top teams on the grid, he is naturally expected to win races and there will be added pressure on him to get the monkey off his back as quickly as possible.

Although he is eager to get his first race victory for his new team under his belt, he won't do it at all costs, especially not at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix this weekend.

"As a Formula One driver you dream of winning your first race. It is something you dream about all your life," said Perez. "I've no idea what it feels like. I have to be honest, I'm desperate for a win.

"But in Melbourne, I'll drive normally. I won't drive desperately to get my win because I need consistency, to score points.

"I know the win will come at some point, so I'm not that desperate - well, I'm very desperate to get the win - but I won't push to get it straight away and do crazy things, especially in the beginning.

"We need the points and we need the consistency throughout the year."

McLaren have always adopted a policy of giving their drivers equal status and even though Jenson Button is Perez's senior by 10 years in terms of F1 experience, the Woking squad don't believe the 23-year-old will stand back.

Managing director Jonathan Neale believes the duo will be neck and neck pretty much from the start of the season.

"He doesn't see himself as an apprentice either," said Neale. "Sergio knows we expect him to race hard and not be content to park the car two grid places behind Jenson. It's not what we hired him for.

"If the car's capable he'd better be up the front. That's what we pay him for. If we give them a package in which the car can be qualified in the top three or four places then we expect wins from both of them.

"If that's the case I expect him to be trading places with Jenson from the get-go. When I look up at the timing screen I want to see them close. Then we know we've got each side of the garage really competing which is what we've set the system up for."

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