Whitmarsh 'pleased' with Perez

Tuesday 28-May-2013 13:42

Kimi Raikkonen may believe that Sergio Perez should be "punched to the face" after his Monaco antics, but McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh feels his driver did a good job.

Just weeks after his team-mate Jenson Button accused him of "dirty" driving, Perez was once again involved in incidents with Button, Fernando Alonso of Ferrari and Lotus' Raikkonen.

While his moves on Button and Alonso didn't cause any damage, Raikkonen wasn't so lucky and the Finn suffered a puncture after their coming-together late in the race.

When Raikkonen was asked after the race if the drivers would talk to Perez, he replied: "That won't help. Maybe someone should punch him in the face."

However, Whitmarsh feels the criticism of Perez's performance in Monte Carlo is unfair.

"I don't think we should have too much to complain about there," the McLaren team boss is quoted as saying by Autosport.

"That is what happens in Monaco occasionally. I am happy with his spirit and his challenge.

"You can over push sometimes but I think he did some great overtakes. I have got to be pleased that he is there, he is committed and racing."

Perez insisted that he didn't have anywhere to go before he made contact with Raikkonen, saying: "Kimi did not give me any room at all."

Whitmarsh echoed his driver's views.

"You can argue it different ways: Checo will feel he wasn't given the space and he was crowded by Kimi, which I can understand," he said.

"Kimi will say that he can defend his line and Checo was coming perhaps a bit too aggressively.

"It was certainly a charging attempt, but in motor racing you have to take a little bit of risk sometimes. If it comes off you are a hero and if it doesn't you are disappointed.

"After that, Checo obviously damaged his front wing, which was difficult enough, but he also had debris in the brake ducts, so therefore they overheated and he lost his brakes."

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