Domenicali: Ferrari must keep focus

Tuesday 11-June-2013 16:48

Stefano Domenicali, the Ferrari team principal, believes his team's best chance of catching Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel in the 2013 title race is to focus on its own performance.

Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari F1 2013 Ferrari has started the season inconsistently and has fallen 36 behind Vettel after problems in Malaysia, Bahrain and Monaco.

Alonso remains confident that Vettel will endure some bad luck of his own over the course of the season, Domenicali admitted that he prefers to concern himself with things he has control over.

"I cannot look outwards," he said.

"I have to watch inwards, and make sure that the car has to improve mainly in the day before the race.

"Sometimes we understand better what we have, sometimes it is the other way around. But it is the challenge that we have to face this year.

"For sure if it happens [Vettel having reliability problems] I will not be crying, but because I am a sporting man I will not wish him to have problems.

"I believe that he was very consistent up until now, but this year things may change very quickly.

"If you have a difficult race then things can change again, but for sure he is very strong.

"Last year he had 40 points less during the summer break but we lost the title, unfortunately for things that were not in our hands also."

While Alonso's strong race pace suggests that the 2013 Ferrari are managing its tyres well, Domenicali doesn't want the issues with the Pirelli tyres to cloud his team's decision making.

"That is the funny thing about F1, because some teams were very anxious to change something many races ago and now it seems perfect," he continued.

"You know my style: stay cool and calm and not over-react after a session.

"This is part of this game and this is part of the job of the engineers to understand what we have."

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