Whitmarsh: Boycott a possibility

Monday 01-July-2013 10:18

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh concedes that teams may decide against racing at the German Grand Prix unless the current tyre situation is resolved.

With four drivers suffering tyre blowouts during Sunday's British Grand Prix at Silverstone, many in the paddock have expressed their concern for driver safety heading to Germany.

Race director Charile Whiting admitted he nearly red-flagged the race at Silverstone as a result of the punctures and under such a backdrop Whitmarsh has warned that if a resolution is not found a boycott such as the one that occurred at the 2005 US Grand Prix could take place.

The 2005 race at Indianapolis turned into a six-car, all-Bridgestone race when the 14 drivers racing on Michellin tyres pulled out of the GP following the formation lap because of concerns regarding the safety of the tyres.

"There is that danger [of a boycott] and rightly so if teams and drivers aren't convinced that they can [race] safely," Whitmarsh told Sky Sports News.

"But that's not what we want for Formula One. We have faced some of these issues before at Indianapolis and that was terrible for the sport so we have really got to work together. This is not a time to point fingers, it's time to work together, find a solution and get on with it."

FIA chairman Jean Todt has confirmed that he will meet with both the teams and Pirelli on Wednesday in an attempt to find a solution to the problem.

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