'Losing Pirelli would be a curveball'

Thursday 22-August-2013 09:12

The F1 teams will face upheaval should the sport opt not to retain Pirelli as the 2014 tyres supplier, according to Jonathan Neale.

Although the teams have designed next year's cars with Pirelli in mind, they have yet to receive official confirmation on Formula One's tyre supplier for next season.

Pirelli, despite pressing on with their own plans for 2014, have yet to sign a deal with the sport while there is some speculation that Michelin could make a return.

And should that happen, Neale admits it would cause some upheaval with some teams coping better than others.

"I think at this stage we are assuming - I don't know whether there's any foundation for that - that somehow the process will continue with Pirelli," the McLaren managing director said during a Vodafone phone-in.

"And if it does then I think that we have wind tunnel tyres and tyres for next year that will support our car development process.

"If we were to get a late change from somebody else coming into the sport at short notice, of course we would work around that and work with whoever the FIA chose that to be.

"But certainly I think for all of the teams, not just McLaren, making sure that we understood exactly what the tyre shape, weight, was going to be, does affect some of the vehicle layout decisions.

"But it would be the same for everybody, so if somebody throws in a curveball at the last minute we'll all have to recover but there'll be some winners and losers in that."

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