Button: The buzz is still there

Wednesday 25-September-2013 12:03

Jenson Button insists he is still as excited as ever when the lights go out in F1 despite McLaren's struggles this year.

The Woking squad have had a torrid time this season and Button's P5 in China is their best finish to date. If the team fail to finish in the top three in the final seven races then it will be the first time since 1980 that they have gone an entire season without a podium.

Naturally it has been a long season for Button, but he insists the motivation is not lacking even though he is not able to challenge at the front of the grid.

"The motivation is definitely still there because you still want to do a good job in the races," he told Press Association Sport.

"You don't drive around waiting for next year. You still want to get the best result you can, do the best job you can, and get the most out of yourself for yourself and the team. That doesn't change.

"But obviously when you get out of the car and you are seventh it's not where you want to be, and it's not what gets you excited after a grand prix.

"But when you get in the car, the lights go out and you are racing, the buzz is still there, and you still want to do the best job you can."

Button finished seventh in Singapore, but he was running in third place during the latter stages of the race and was hoping to claim that elusive podium.

However, once his tyres went he was a sitting duck and quickly slipped back.

He added: "I did actually think about a podium because I didn't know what was going to happen with the tyres.

"The problem was that I had the engineers on the radio saying 'This is good. We can do this. Keep fighting, but look after the tyres'.

"I was like 'Well, I can't do both', and to be fair, having Kimi (Raikkonen) shoved up behind me didn't really help me look after my tyres.

"He was so much faster, and he proved that when he got past because he was three seconds per lap quicker.

"In the end we didn't have the pace, and there was never a podium on the cards when you look at the result. We were 40 seconds off that, or something like that, by the end of the race.

"But we gave it a go - it's just that the race needed to be 10 laps shorter."

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