Perez: Exploding tyres unacceptable

Friday 11-October-2013 06:47

Although Sergio Perez admits degradation is "part of the game", the McLaren driver says Pirelli's blow-outs are "totally unacceptable."

Perez suffered a spectacular right-front blowout on lap 31, sending rubber and carbon fibre flying all over the track.

However, the Mexican driver was not the only casualty of his blow-out as, coming up behind him, Mark Webber drove over the debris and also suffered a puncture.

The latest issues have yet again led to more criticism of Pirelli's tyres, with Perez saying the failures are unacceptable.

"Tyre degradation is part of the game, it is part of the Formula 1 we are having," he told Autosport.

"It is something that all the teams and all the drivers must get their head around - and try to get the best out of it.

"It is obviously very frustrating if you fight a car for more than one lap or two, you destroy your tyre.

"It means if you are in to a certain strategy you will not complete that strategy, so you have to change things. It just makes it tricky.

"But what is totally unacceptable is that we see tyres exploding. So I think that is totally unacceptable from teams and drivers definitely."

Pirelli, though, blamed a lock-up from Perez for the reason for the failure but he says the tyres should be able to cope with that as it often happens in F1.

"This is the first time we hear that from a lock-up the tyre can explode. Then, we hear that this is normal. I think this is not normal at all.

"I think we have seen a lot of lock ups. It is easy to lock up as well; it is a formula car, so it is quite normal that you can lock up.

"But what is not normal and we cannot get used to seeing is an explosion of the tyre with the tread coming out of the tyre. This is absolutely not acceptable from teams, from drivers. It is just not acceptable."

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