McLaren confirm Red Bull's Prodromou

Saturday 12-October-2013 13:51

McLaren have confirmed that Red Bull's head of aerodynamics Peter Prodromou will be heading to Woking in 2015.

Prodromou previously worked for McLaren before heading over to Red Bull in 2006 where he played an integral role in the team's rise to the top of Formula One.

However, in 2015 he'll be heading back to Woking with his move coinciding with McLaren's upcoming partnership with Honda - but that "wasn't the clincher" according to McLaren's MD Jonathan Neale.

He said: "We do have to remember that the contract Peter has at the moment is a Red Bull contract and I have to respect that. It's for them to talk about what his terms are and what his leave dates are.

"In terms of our position, yes we have recruited Peter, we're really excited about him joining the team but it's not a one off thing that we are doing, there are other things we are doing to strengthen our team.

"It's a series of moves as we head towards 2015 with Honda to make sure this team stays at the forefront of Formula One and in winning ways.

"We don't intend to hang around here [at the current performance level] for very long. We've quietly been strengthening the team through this year as well and sorting ourselves out internally.

"As you'd expect in our organisation, there is a pipe line of things coming through and I would say the one that has broken in the press today is the furthest away. There is a lot more that is happening in the short term."

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