Red Bull spending has 'distorted' F1

Friday 29-November-2013 09:03

Martin Whitmarsh has hit out at Red Bull, who have "distorted the sport" when it comes to spending money.

According to the McLaren team boss, Red Bull are out-pricing their rivals in the race for the Championship and says that "everyone knows" that.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Whitmarsh claimed that Red Bull had "distorted the sport" because of their level of spending.

As for team boss Christian Horner denying that Red Bull are the biggest spenders, Whitmarsh said: "You'll see that's just rubbish but everyone knows that and they know it as well."

Horner, though, has billed Whitmarsh's comments down to sour grapes.

"I can see why people get perhaps frustrated with it but I think that the racing has been very good," said the Championship-winning team boss.

"The fastest way to become unpopular is to start winning. And we've done a lot of winning the last few years. It's inevitable that doesn't sit too comfy with some teams."

Meanwhile, Ferrari have denied an old report that their budget for the Championship came in at £250m, £15m more than Red Bull's.

Writing in the latest Horse Whisperer column, the Scuderia said the figures stated in the report were "fantasy."

"When the Championship finishes, the moment arrives to take stock," wrote the Horse Whisperer. "If it's enough in sport to look at the points standings, in business some trust in summer valuations, even if they are carried out under a parasol.

"For that reason, months later, a reconstruction of the budgets of Formula One teams developed by an Autosport colleague has transformed itself into journalistic fact.

"It's a pity that the cited figures are largely fantasy and they can draw even distinguished newspapers into conclusions that are wildly erroneous."

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