Lauda lays into McLaren, Ferrari

Monday 21-July-2014 12:33

Niki Lauda has had a go at McLaren and Ferrari for designing "s**t" cars that cannot rival the Mercedes W05.

Mercedes have dominated this year's Championship, winning nine of ten grands prix including six 1-2 results.

While Mercedes have been racing away with the titles, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has been complaining about the F1 rules and the general state of play.

And although McLaren have not joined in, Lauda has still had a go at them for failing to produce a car to rival the Mercedes even though it is powered by the same engine.

"McLaren have the same engine as us and the car is s**t," he told El Pais.

"Where are they? Nowhere.

"Watch the Ferrari: another f***ing car.

"Next year will be difference because they can change half the engine.

"You cannot penalise Brixworth because others are stupid."

Asked specifically about the situation at Ferrari, Lauda said: "Montezemolo is trying everything and decided to bring in Mattiacci. But nobody believes that things will change overnight.

"He tried to convince Newey to join but could not.

"Alonso is very frustrated because for years he is driving a car that does not work.

"Right now he cannot go to McLaren because he has a contract. If you have a contract with Ferrari you cannot leave unless they allow you."

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