Tost backs Ricciardo to 'match' Vettel

Monday 18-November-2013 08:21

Franz Tost has given Daniel Ricciardo his vote of confidence, adamant the soon-to-be Red Bull driver can stand up to Sebastian Vettel.

Next season the duo will team up at Red Bull Racing but while Ricciardo enters the partnership with little behind him, Vettel does so as the most successful driver on the grid.

Not only does the 26-year-old have four World titles to his name but on Sunday in America he set a new record for the most consecutive race wins in one season.

Asked whether he he was 'worried about Daniel's future' at Red Bull, his current team boss told the official F1 website: "No, not at all.

"Daniel is a highly skilled driver who has quite some experience under his belt now so I am convinced that he can do a really good job alongside Sebastian.

"Of course, next year much will depend on how good the car is - but why should Red Bull not come up with a competitive car in 2104? If they don't it would completely run against their history.

"I expect that next year we will see Sebastian and Daniel making up the front row of the grid."

Tost believes Ricciardo has the ability to fight it out and "will" be able to match Vettel's pace.

"I think when necessary Daniel can be pretty aggressive - especially in qualifying - and I am sure he can continue with that level of performance and will be able to match Sebastian's times."

However, teaming up with Vettel also means needing the chops to handle loss and to come back from it.

"He will be racing alongside a four-time Champion - and nobody wins four titles without a reason - but Daniel is aware of that and he knows it," Tost added.

"Much will also depend on his preparations over the winter - physically and mentally. But yes, Sebastian Vettel is a big obstacle!"

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