Tost not expecting surprise innovation

Thursday 13-February-2014 10:31

Franz Tost has refuted suggestions that Formula One is in for a major shake-up, insisting that no one team will suddenly shoot to the front.

In the past Formula One has on occasion seen a midfield team emerge as a front runner-up after coming up with an innovative solution.

This last occurred in 2009 when Ross Brawn's Brawn GP team brought out the double diffuser and won the Championship while rivals worked furiously to incorporate the design.

And although this season there has been a major overhaul in the regulations, Tost doesn't believe someone is going to find an innovation that sets them apart.

"I don't expect something like this," the Toro Rosso team boss told Autosport.

"This was a very special case because Brawn won the Championship because of the double diffuser.

"I don't expect a team will come up with such a surprising solution for 2014."

In fact the Austrian believes the new rules will play into the hands of those already at the front of the field as they have the budgets to cope best.

"I expect the top teams will be in front.

"I don't expect a big change, especially now after the regulation change because they have the financial resources and the manpower to be flexible to make any changes, which you have to make with a new car.

"The more money and the more resources you have, the more successful you will be."

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