Vergne hospitalised in weight debate

Monday 07-April-2014 10:33

As the argument over F1's minimum weight continues, Jean-Eric Vergne revealed he was hospitalised after the Aussie GP due to "lack of everything".

Although the minimum weight of the cars was increased this season, some teams have found it difficult to get their cars down to the 690kgs.

As such, part of the onus has been put on the drivers to reduce their weight with Vergne admitting he went on a strict diet in the off-season.

However, a "lack of everything" including water meant he was hospitalised in the wake of the season-opening Australian GP.

"I did a diet this winter but you get to certain limits that the body can no longer take," the Toro Rosso driver told the Daily Mail.

"I was in hospital between the grands prix in Australia and Malaysia because of a lack of water and a little bit of lack of everything. I was very weak."

The minimum weight has been discussed several times already this season with reports claiming it is the smaller drivers who are blocking an increase as they do not want to negate the advantage they have.

"Frankly, the situation is stupid," Vergne added. "Some lighter drivers want to keep their edge, and we have not reached a solution.

"Formula one cars are very difficult to drive and we need all of our skills. Being forced to lose weight is not good."

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