DDRS unlikey for Lotus in 2012

Tuesday 30-October-2012 12:27

Lotus Technical Director James Allison has revealed that their Double DRS is unlikely to be seen again this season but that they will continue to use a Coanda exhaust system.

The E20 caught the eye in Hungary when it appeared with extra air inlets either side of the engine intake as part of a system designed to stall the rear of the car independently of the DRS system and therefore enhance straight-line speed when DRS is limited.

However, the team have struggled to truly come to grips with the system and as such, while they'll make use of it at the upcoming Young Driver's Test, it's appearance in one of the remaining GPs is doubtful.

"Our plan is to work on understanding how to make it act in a sufficiently predictable manner to be deployable in a race," explained Allison.

"Given the difficulty we have experienced so far, I think it would be optimistic to see it used in anger this season, within the final races remaining."

One device that the team will not be putting on the back-burner is their new Coanda exhaust system which Allison feels will come into its own in Abu Dhabi.

"It is not really the straight-line pace that is the issue as we can set that wherever we like simply by choosing the rear wing setting," he said.

"It is the power that we need to recover. Our first version of the Coanda system is rather power hungry.

"With Renault Sport's help we expect to claw back around one third of the loss in Abu Dhabi, and would be able to get around half of the loss back eventually.

"We aim to introduce an exhaust pipe that keeps all of the Coanda downforce benefit, but sheds some of the horsepower penalty that we suffered with for our first iteration design."

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