Lotus want late-payer named

Friday 16-May-2014 11:16

Lotus owner Gerard Lopez has called on Renault to name the late-paying team rather than create negative speculation about those who have paid.

At last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, Renault Sport's Jean-Michel Jalinier warned that the French company's recovery could be hindered as "some of the teams are just late in payments."

"On this part I must say we are not at an acceptable situation," he added.

Immediately speculation turned to Lotus and Caterham, both of whom have had financial difficulties.

The two teams were quick to deny that they were the late-payers while Lopez says in future Renault should name the teams responsible rather than cast doubt over those who have done nothing wrong.

He told Press Association Sport: "This is why we had a meeting, because I wanted them to clarify their price.

"I said to them if they are going to say things, then name the team that is an issue.

"Don't just say 'teams' and then expect people to make their own judgements. We respect the arrangements we have with them.

"If there is (somebody who has not paid), it must be somebody else, but I'm not even sure there is, to be honest with you, so we'll see."

Asked point blank if Lotus had paid up, Lopez replied: "We've paid up. We're absolutely in line with them."

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