Maldonado insists future is safe

Friday 23-May-2014 13:02

Pastor Maldonado is confident he will remain on the F1 grid despite Venezuela's new sports minister threatening to cut off all motorsport sponsorship.

Maldonado entered F1 with the help of his PDVSA sponsorship with the Venezuela's state-owned oil company sponsoring not only the driver but also his teams.

However, that funding is under threat.

New sports minister Antonio Alvarez recently stated that "there will not be another dollar for motorsport."

He added that it is "unfair to use state money in disciplines that do not contribute to the development of sport in this country."

But despite Alvarez's threat, Maldonado is adamant his Formula One future is not on the line.

He revealed: "The sports minister is not sponsoring me, and PDVSA is not part of his programme. They are separate.

"The oil company doesn't talk about sponsorship in Formula One. This was a communication from the sport minister, and that's it.

"The ministry of sport does not support Formula One, but they were sponsoring a lot of drivers before.

"Last year this had a big impact on motorsport because most of these drivers were apparently taking money from the government."

Added to that the driver, who has yet score a single World Championship point with Lotus this season, insists the PDVSA sponsorship is safe as they are backing the team and not him.

"PDVSA is not my sponsor, they are a team sponsor, and they follow me wherever I go," he told PA Sport.

"I have a good relationship with them as we have been working for a very long time together, maybe 10 years.

"I don't see any reason for that to stop, but if they do then it is not my decision."

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