Maldonado chasing former glory

Saturday 28-June-2014 12:13

Pastor Maldonado believes he can help Lotus return to the front of the F1 grid and challenge for the titles.

Joining Lotus from Williams at the start of this season, Maldonado has found himself struggling in the midfield.

His problems, though, are largely down to the E22 and its Renault engine, which is lacking in both pace and reliability.

But despite his on-going woes, which have left him without a single point in this year's Championship, the Venezuelan driver believes he can help Lotus return to the fight at the front.

"As soon as I came in to Formula One my focus was to win. Going back to something I mentioned before is that I've been - since I started racing go-karts in my country - I have always been fighting for wins," he said in an exclusive interview with

"In all races, all Championships, I was one of the favourites. Always.

"Since I became a Formula One driver it was super-hard for me, a big impact to accept that I did not have a chance to win. Not because of my abilities but because of the car, the package...

"It was very impacting and still sometimes is because I'm hungry. I want to do my best, I want to put the team at the top. The mission was to go back with Williams to the top and we did it.

"Now my mission here is to go back again with them to where we were and I think we will reach that."

Pressed as to how long it could take Lotus to return to winning form, he said: "We'll see, it's difficult to say.

"Previous years were a very simple situation in Formula One because the engines were very tested, now it depends on many factors, it's not only one.

"It will be very difficult, very tough, but it will be possible for sure. Hopefully soon."

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