Grosjean calls for fight-back

Sunday 03-August-2014 09:25

As speculation about his future mounts, Romain Grosjean insists Lotus are capable of pulling off a Brawn GP-style fight-back in 2015.

The Frenchman, the star of the Lotus team, has made it know that he has no plans to commit to the team until he sees how the driver market plays out.

Reiterating that his "options are open for the future", the 28-year-old says he's not writing off Lotus' chances of turning their fortunes around next season.

Citing Brawn GP, who went from being Honda at the back of the grid to inventing the double diffuser and winning the 2009 Championship doubles, Grosjean feels Lotus can draw inspiration from that.

"I want to win races in the near future and we are working on that," he told Autosport.

"If you look at Jenson [Button] in 2008, he was very much struggling with Honda, then it changed to Brawn - same team, different name - and he was World Champion.

"Having difficult years is part of your career - you have to accept that and not get frustrated.

"Brawn had the double diffuser - a very clever invention.

"I don't know if there are going to be any next year, but I'm 99.99 per cent confident the [Lotus] team is going to be better next year."

For this season, though, there is still a chance of Lotus putting in a minor fight-back with Grosjean citing braking as one of the areas Lotus could improve in 2014.

"At the moment I'm still struggling a little bit with the brakes.

"Of course we have less downforce than last year, and harder tyres, and this [the braking] is something I'm very sensitive to.

"There is some work we're doing in that aspect.

"I like a car that is consistent so I can build my weekend and say "next lap I'm going to brake three metres later", and if it doesn't go to plan I lose a tenth.

"Now, I lose a second because I go wide.

"It's something I'm struggling with, so I just need to understand a different way of driving sometimes."

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