Sauber impressed with De Silvestro

Monday 28-April-2014 10:27

Simona De Silvestro completed her two-day test at Fiorano on Sunday with Sauber revealing she "drove very well" and demonstrated consistency.

For the second successive day, the 25-year-old Swiss driver was in action at the Italian circuit, behind the wheel of a Sauber C31.

Putting in the laps, De Silvestro added 68 to go with the 112 she completed on Saturday and did so 'without the slightest issue.'

Her performance out on track was welcomed by test engineer Paul Russell.

"Over night she had the time to reflect on a lot of things and was able to adapt her driving accordingly," he stated.

"She learned the track well yesterday, so we had the opportunity to get some set-up work done.

"Simona drove very well, had a good pace and was consistent. Overall these were two very positive days.

As for the 25-year-old, she reckons it was "another good day. Everything feels more familiar when things were new to me.

"We made some changes to the set-up, which gave me the opportunity to get a feeling for those changes and learn how the car reacts to them. I can say that I already feel confident in the car, which is very positive. I'm quite happy with what I was able to achieve over the two days.

"A big thank you to the team who did a fabulous job explaining everything to me, and giving me the time to reflect on this. I had a lot of questions, and I got all the answers from the engineers, who took the time to show me the data and discuss it with me in all detail.

"I'm already looking forward to my next opportunity to test the C31."

De Silvestro's next run in the C31 is scheduled for 25 to 27 June a the Valencia track in Spain.

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