Bottas: Mistakes will happen

Thursday 14-March-2013 07:42

Valtteri Bottas concedes mistakes will be made as he contests his first season in Formula One.

Although Bottas will arrive on the Melbourne grid with more experience than his fellow newcomers in light of last year's Friday outings, the Williams driver is still a rookie.

And as a rookie, Bottas is quick to point out that mistakes will be made.

"Even though I was at all the race meetings last year and had some practice and now some testing, it's still my first race," the Finn told Autosport.

"If there are mistakes, that's how it is. I need to learn from them and not do it again.

"I feel really good about going to a race. I really don't see there being any problem. Of course everything happens quicker in Formula 1, but that's just how it is.

"You have to have your first race at some point."

As for the season ahead, the Williams driver says his goal at the start of the season is to reach the chequered while looking to build on each week's performance.

"My goal is to at some point, and hopefully as quickly as possible, get the car where it belongs in qualifying and the race.

"If that's not the case in the first races, then I just need to learn and to fight my way to getting better.

"I was at quite a good level in other categories in races. I've seen it's so important to see the flag and finish in F1, so that will be the main thing this year.

"It's about the whole season. Of course I want to do well in Australia, but I have the whole season so I have some time to improve."

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