Maldonado: Future backing uncertain

Friday 15-March-2013 08:46

Pastor Maldonado admits he's unsure whether he will continue to receive financial backing from Venezuelan national oil company PDVSA.

The Williams driver entered Formula One on the back of PDVSA's sponsorship.

However, following the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, questions have been raised about whether the 27-year-old will continue to get the government's support.

"Politically, I don't know," Maldonado told Sky Sports F1.

"I think many of you in the media have said everything is gone for me, but here I am. We'll see."

He added: "It must be possible. It's always possible.

"Chavez changed completely the approach for sport in Venezuela. In the past, people only know Venezuela for the oil and for the girls.

"Now it's changed a lot. We have the best baseball players in the world, a good football team which is getting better and better. We have a driver in Formula 1 who has won a race in a short time.

"It's looking quite good for the future. I think it changed a lot with Chavez being President and now it can be worse. We've started and now we need to carry on."

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