Maldonado: We have the solution

Thursday 21-March-2013 11:21

Pastor Maldonado is "pretty confident" Williams won't struggle in Malaysia as they did in Australia after finding a solution to their FW35's issues.

Maldonado slated the car after qualifying in Melbourne labelling it as "undriveable" after failing to make it out of Q1.

The weekend went from bad to worse for the Venezuelan driver who failed to finish the Australian GP after beaching his car in the gravel.

This weekend, though, he's confident of a better result, adamant that Williams have found a way to fix the problems.

"You never know if what you do will be the right thing for the car, but I'm pretty confident the team has done the right thing in the last three days," Maldonado said.

"Now we think we see the problems and we have the solution. But we need to test it and we have different things to test on both cars. Then we will see if it is right or not."

Asked to explain what the problem was, he told ESPNF1: "It's many things together. It's not just coming from the tyres, it's not just coming from the aero - if one thing gets worse it affects the others. It's a combination of parts and particulars in the car that we have been trying to understand.

"It was very difficult from a driving point of view because I had all the problems you can have in a car. It was not only one and easy to work around, I had everything and at the same time the car was slow.

"What happened was the worst that can happen. Now for sure, with the analysis we've done, it's clear where the problems are. Theoretically we have the solution but now we must do the tests very well and we have a good plan for the test. Hopefully it will be good.

"The performance is there, the problem we had last week is more or less the same problem we had in 2011. But the pace of the car is there and there are no excuses as it's last year's car and we can't say anything about the car."

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