Maldonado 'OK' after Monaco crash

Sunday 26-May-2013 14:51

Pastor Maldonado says he is "OK" but does have a few bruises having suffered a massive crash which stopped the Monaco GP.

Battling with Max Chilton for position, the Venezuelan driver, who was near the back of the field after an early nose change, came up alongside the Marussia.

However, instead of Chilton holding his own line, the Brit cut across Maldonado, hitting the Williams' front wing.

The wing gave way under Maldonado's car which resulted in him getting airborne and hitting the air-fence barrier at Tabac.

The barrier broke away and landed across the track forcing the race to be red-flagged while repairs were made.

Maldonado, thankfully, escaped without serious injury.

"I'm OK, just some contusions, it was a big impact," he said.

"I'm disappointed as the race is still going.

"I was surprised that Max Chilton crossed me, he crossed my way."

Chilton was handed a drive-through penalty for causing the collision.

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