Williams: Merc exceeding expectations

Friday 27-December-2013 05:53

Claire Williams is full of confidence ahead of Williams' engine link-up with Mercedes, saying the latter has already exceeded expectations.

Williams announced earlier this year that they would be parting ways with Renault and switching to Mercedes power for next season.

The move coincides with the sport's swap to 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines.

The two parties have already begun working together in preparation for the change with deputy team principal Williams very happy with what she has seen.

Asked whether Mercedes had 'surpassed expectations', Williams told Autosport: "Yes, I think it has exceeded them.

"That's great because our expectations were at a very high level anyway, which is why we chose them.

"You know how professional that operation is, and everything we have seen since we signed that contract hasn't changed our mind."

She added: "The easiest thing for us in the whole thing is that they are just down the road, which makes it easier when you are trying to work with them.

"Going over to France is a long trip and not necessarily conducive.

"But our engineers can dash to Mercedes countless times and they come to us. We are really pleased."

And although Williams believes her teams new engine supplier is on the right track, she concedes no one will know for sure until the new season begins.

"We are [excited], but I don't know if anyone really knows where they are with the engines and I don't think we will know until the first test," she said.

"But it is going to be fascinating to see where each engine is, and I hope the Mercedes is clearly the best in the paddock because it will help us move forward."

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