Massa expects experience will win

Thursday 13-March-2014 04:14

This year's rookies could struggle as Felipe Massa reckons the new regulations will play into the hands of the more experienced drivers.

This season, given the new 100kg fuel limit per grand prix, many are fearing that races will become processional with the quickest slow driver taking the chequered flag.

And while that may yet prove to be true, Massa believes that it could suit the more experienced drivers who are willing to play a waiting game.

"The biggest difference [between an experienced and inexperienced driver] is that the youngest want to win yesterday," he told Autosport.

"If you put a young guy in the car and you need to drive slowly, it's difficult because the thinking is not the same.

"I was like that. I remember in my first year that saving tyres and fuel was very tricky because you are too young and you want to win all of the time.

"Every lap of the race is qualifying, that's the difference."

But, having said that, the Williams driver also feels this is the best time for a rookie to find his feet in Formula One given that everyone is having to deal with new rules.

"It's the best time for a young guy to go into F1 because it's a new car for everybody," he said.

"So when you are young and you arrive, the old, experienced drivers are still learning.

"So I am sure it can be the right time for [Kevin] Magnussen and for [Daniil] Kvyat because they are starting in F1 when it's new to everybody.

"If they have a good car, they can show good performance straight away.

"But they need to think a little bit more because kids are still kids."

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