Massa: Williams said sorry

Thursday 03-April-2014 15:15

Although Felipe Massa concedes team orders are "part of our sport", he is adamant they were not "necessary" at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Not for the first time in his F1 career, Massa was told over the radio that his team-mate was "faster than you" which was a prompt for the Brazilian to move over for Valtteri Bottas.

However, unlike in his days with Ferrari as Fernando Alonso's team-mate, this time Massa did not allow his team-mate to pass.

Instead the Brazilian raced Bottas to the finish line in Malaysia, finishing seventh to the Finn's eighth.

In the immediate aftermath, Massa insisted he did the right thing both for his Championship and Williams'.

Now, having spoken to the team, the 32-year-old says Williams admitted to making a mistake and won't be issuing any such orders in the future.

"I believe what has happened in the last race will not happen again," he said ahead of this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix. "It was not correct and not the right moment for this to happen."

Massa added he doesn't think the brief row has "damaged my relationships.

"When I do something that is my mistake, I will be the first one to say sorry and the team was the first to say sorry here."

The Brazilian, though, is no stranger to team orders and admits they are "part of our sport and need to be part of our sport, but when it's necessary."

He also denied speculation that he had status over his team-mate Bottas, who is only in his second season in F1.

Massa said: "I never ask any team to be the No. 1, the team needs to be equal."

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