Smedley: No panic at Williams

Sunday 04-May-2014 08:49

Rob Smedley has reiterated his belief that Williams have not let themselves down in this season's opening races.

Setting the pace in the final pre-season test, much was expected from Williams at the start of the Championship.

However, to date, the team has yet to really deliver on those outside expectations.

Although the team has scored points in every race and their 36 outstrips the five they netted the whole of last season, some feel Williams have missed out.

Smedley, however, disagrees.

"I was quoted the other day saying there is no panic at Williams and I will reiterate that," Williams' new head of vehicle performance told Autosport.

"The question that was asked to me a couple of weeks back was 'are you disappointed you haven't been able to capitalise on having a quick car?'

"I don't think we've particularly not capitalised on the car we have. I think we have done a reasonable job.

"It is not a perfect job, and I am not going to sit here and say we've done a perfect job, but who has done a perfect job?

"To say that all is lost, because we haven't capitalised on having a quick car in the winter would indicate that is it - that we have shot our bolt.

"Well absolutely not. The development drives on, and the facilities that Williams has got, not only in aerodynamic terms but mechanical as well, are really, really impressive.

"It is just a case of getting all that working and pushing it in the right direction."

The former Ferrari man, who was reunited with Felipe Massa at Williams, is confident that Williams the team needs to return to the front of the grid.

"As at Ferrari, there's a real will to win here - the people here are ready to fight as a team.

"They work really well together and they want to get back on top.

"Sometimes it's just about sending everybody off in the right direction. If we get it right, we will win again."

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