Bernie: Bahrain 'absolutely' has a future

Monday 23-April-2012 15:22

Bernie Ecclestone is convinced Formula One will return to Bahrain next season despite more anti-government protests.

Having cancelled the event last season due to political unrest within the kingdom, Formula One was back in Bahrain this year.

The race weekend went off without any disruptions, however, away from the circuit protests raged resulting in the death of one demonstrator, petrol bombs and anger at the sport for its perceived support of the regime.

But despite the political issues, Ecclestone is adamant Bahrain will remain a part of the F1 circus.

Asked whether the race had a future, he told Reuters: "Absolutely. Forever. No problem."

The F1 surpremo also downplayed the negative press, adamant that it won't impact on F1's rising popularity in the Middle East.

"I think it's good because people talk about things, you know. You know what they say - there is no such thing as bad publicity," he said.

"It's growing all the time, and other places are interested. I think it will grow here for sure."

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