'Bahrain government stupid to host race'

Sunday 21-April-2013 08:23

Bernie Ecclestone says the Bahrain government is "stupid" to host a F1 grand prix as it has given protestors a world-wide audience.

This year's race is once again taking place with protests in the background with calls before the weekend for the event to be scrapped.

And although that did not happen, Ecclestone has questioned the Bahraini government's decision to go ahead with the grand prix.

"We believe the government were in a way really stupid to put this race on, because it is a platform for people to use for protesting," said the 82-year-old.

Asked if he should be bringing F1 to a country with a recent history of human rights abuses, Ecclestone insisted it was not his job to judge.

He told the Telegraph: "We don't go anywhere to judge how a country is run. I keep asking people, what human rights - I don't know what they are.

"The rights are that people who live in the country abide by the laws of the country, whatever they are.

"I might be in Africa and can go 200kmph on the highway with no problem. If I come to England and do the same thing, I'm in trouble.

"So it's a case of whatever the laws are, people need to respect them."

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