Ward promises Bahrain investigation

Tuesday 01-October-2013 10:01

The Bahrain Grand Prix is back under scrutiny with David Ward ready to set up an investigation into the race if he wins the FIA presidential election race.

The race in the Middle Eastern country has been a sore point for the F1 fraternity in recent years as it was cancelled in 2011 due to the civil unrest, but it was back on the calendar last year despite protests from human rights bodies.

Ward believes there was "poor decision-making" on the part of incumbent FIA president Jean Todt that led to the race being reinstated in 2012.

"The important thing is to be neutral. What is merited is an investigatory visit," he is quoted as saying by BBC Sport.

"Look at things on the ground, talk to all sides as far as is possible and make a judgement based on that."

Ward, though, does have some sympathy for his French opponent as he believes Todt wasn't given all the right information.

"I think [Todt] was rather badly served in that mission," the Englishman said. "I felt sorry for him, actually. Bahrain had all the hallmarks of decision-making on the hoof right up to 24 hours before the race.

"If it looks like the situation is deteriorating or not improving, what there should be - because this could happen tomorrow in another part of the world - is a standard process to handle this that is immune from suggestions that one place is being treated differently from another."

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