Grosjean 'respects' stewards decision

Monday 03-September-2012 07:00

Romain Grosjean has apologised to the drivers he took out in the lap one carnage at Spa, saying he "honestly" thought he had left room for Lewis Hamilton.

Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix was marred by a first corner accident that took Championship contenders Hamilton and Fernando Alonso out of the grand prix. It also put paid to Grosjean and Sergio Perez's afternoons.

The Frenchman was later slapped with a one-race ban by the Belgian stewards, who said the accident had the "potential to cause injury to others." Although serious injury was avoided, both Hamilton and Alonso admitted to be a big banged up and bruised.

"When your life is all about racing, not being allowed to attend an event is probably one of the worst experiences you can go through," Grosjean said.

"That said, I do respect the verdict of the stewards."

He added: "This first corner situation obviously isn't what anyone would want to happen and thankfully no-one was hurt in the incident.

"I wish to apologise to the drivers who were involved and to their fans.

"I can only say that it is part of a process that will make me a better driver."

Speaking about his start, the Lotus driver said he "honestly" believed he had left enough room for Hamilton when he cut across the track at the start.

"I got a good start - despite being disturbed by Pastor's early launch, which I think was the case for everybody at the front - and was heading into the first corner when the rear of my car made contact with the front of Lewis's.

"I honestly thought I was ahead of him and there was enough room for both cars ; I didn't deliberately try to squeeze him or anything like that."

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