Pirelli: Michelin return is farcical

Sunday 25-August-2013 11:40

Paul Hembery has labelled Michelin's potential return to F1 as "farcical" amidst reports that the FIA could put out a tender.

According to Telegraph Sport, Michelin have expressed an interest in making a comeback but that it is "contingent on a move away from the fast-degrading rubber which Pirelli has been asked to produce."

Such is the French company's interest that the FIA could put out a tender with a decision likely to be made at next month's World Motor Sport Council meeting.

Pirelli, though, have reacted angrily to the reports.

"If Michelin wanted to return why didn't they come out and say so last September?" Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director, told Telegraph Sport.

"Quite frankly a tender in September when you are running in January would be farcical. You should have done that in September last year.

"We have contracts in place, and we would hope people would respect them."

Pirelli have previously stated that they already have deals in place with 10 of the 11 Formula One teams.

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