Smedley: Spa, Monza wins are possible

Thursday 07-August-2014 12:48

Rob Smedley has backed up Felipe Massa's claims that Williams could give Mercedes a fierce fight when Formula 1 returns from the summer break.

Formula 1 will head to Belgium at the end of this month before moving onto Italy.

Both tracks could suit the characteristics of Williams' FW36 with Smedley saying a victory could even be on the cards.

"It's a possibility," he told ESPN when asked if Williams could challenge Mercedes at Spa and Monza.

"As I've quite often said, the ambition of the team is to win the World Championship, and in order to win the World Championship you have to beat everybody. I think we know that the World Championship is a little bit one-sided this year, but that doesn't stop us preparing ourselves for the years to come.

"Running at the front and winning races is something that this team needs to re-learn how to do. You saw that once we re-learned how to be slick enough to get podiums they kept falling out of the jackpot machine at us."

Williams are currently fourth in the Championship on 135 points. It is a sharp contrast to last year when the team netted just five the entire campaign.

Already Williams have three podium results to their tally and one pole position. Smedley reckons they can add to that at both Spa and Monza.

"Both of those tracks will suit our car very well, I would have thought. That's mainly because the power sensitivity at those tracks is very high, so every 1bhp you have is worth more than at other tracks, and the drag sensitivity, especially at Spa, is very high. We know that our car is strong in both of those areas.

"Additionally, in somewhere like Spa, with harder compounds, it can sometimes be quite difficult to get the tyres turned on and I think our car can do that, especially when it's a front-end problem. I'm reasonably confident that our car can go well in both of those races, but I've said before that we don't fear anywhere really.

"In Hungary people would say: 'Williams with their low-drag configuration is not going to be any good around the hot and twisty Budapest'. And then in qualifying, apart from the Mercedes, we were right there just 0.1s off the Red Bull."

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