Schumacher 'disappointed' with ninth

Saturday 09-June-2012 20:25

Michael Schumacher is confused about why Merc said he did not have time for another flying lap when he believes he crossed the line in time in qualifying.

Progressing in Q3 in Montreal, a race that he has won on seven occasions, Schumacher was one of the last in the queue for the final run.

The German, who was P9 when he headed out of the pits, appeared to be on track for two flying laps.

However, instead Schumacher was caught on camera aborting his final lap and waving his arms in frustration.

And although it was initially thought the arm waving was at a rival who may have held him up, Schumacher revealed that it was more out of frustration with a call from his Mercedes team.

"I don't think you can talk about satisfaction, rather disappointment, because we've been on a good run," the 43-year-old told Sky Sports.

"We've been [in] Q1, Q2 everything perfect. We tried the first run in Q3 on a single lap, didn't work and then we reverted back to a two-lap run.

"I started my second lap, see the green light, and then the team called me and said 'no, you're too late'. So that's it and I don't understand why. I saw the green light, passed it just on time but..."

Schumacher, though, concedes he can't change the situation and will now look ahead to Sunday's race.

"We could not have achieved pole today as we could not do the times the guys up front were doing, but I could most likely have been able to do the time I was doing earlier in qualifying and start the race from a bit a better position.

"I now have to take it how it is and make the attack in the race tomorrow that I could not do today."

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